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In the United States decided to escape from storms with the help of oysters


Июл 18, 2022

In the US, they decided to save New York from storms with the help of oysters. Dozens of restaurants donate empty shells to the Living Breakwaters restoration project team. This initiative is aimed at strengthening the coast of the city with the remains of shellfish, according to The Guardian.

The Living Breakeaters team is using oyster shells as material to build a living shore reef that could help protect New York City from global warming disasters. The length of the wall will be almost eight kilometers, part of it will be submerged under water. Experts hope the design will not only help keep floods at bay, but also provide a comfortable environment for aquatic life. The initiative's budget is $103 million.

Landscape architect Kate Orff, working on Living Breakeaters, noted that nature is in great danger and needs help. “We must make ecosystem restoration a top priority. Otherwise, humanity will lose its familiar environment,” she said. The Orff-designed building will have a frame made of stone that will be covered with recycled shells. Together, stones and shellfish remains will become a strong barrier to water. In addition, shells are an excellent filter — one oyster can filter about 190 liters of water per day, absorbing impurities.