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The host of «House-2» showed her parents' dacha


Июл 18, 2022

The host of the TV show «Dom-2» Olga Orlova showed her parents' dacha to subscribers in social networks.

Orlova called the house where her parents live modest. She added that he completely suits them and «they don't want anything else.» The singer also shared her mother's success in landscape design. “Mom loves the landscape and everything connected with it. She does everything with her own hands, for a person in old age it's great, ”the TV presenter shared with subscribers.

Earlier in May, Orlova showed off her new country house. The mansion is undergoing renovations, which, according to her, will be completed in 6-10 months. The footage shows that the house has panoramic glazing. In addition, it will have several terraces.

The singer and TV presenter also shared a photo of the mansion's interior design project. According to him, one of the rooms will be made in noble dark colors with modern lighting.