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The girl visited the premium hotel in Egypt and described it with the phrase “better than the Maldives”


Июл 18, 2022

A tourist who was on vacation in a premium hotel in Egypt described it with the phrase «just a jackpot.» She shared her impressions of the trip with the portal «Tourism Subtleties».

As the traveler admitted, it was the best hotel she had ever stayed in. So, a ten-day tour to a five-star hotel in Sharm el-Sheikh with a flight and “without tedious transfers” cost her 3 thousand dollars for two.

“The hotel that we were picked up by a travel agency (a thousand thanks to the managers) is just a gun, a bomb, the highest class. Better than the Maldives! The disadvantages are very minor and do not spoil the impression of the rest”, said the reader of the portal.

In particular, the tourist admired the coral reefs and the clean beach with «super comfortable sunbeds». She also liked the varied food in the restaurant and the lack of queues. Separately, she noted the responsive staff, who “do not beg for tips, do not impose or stick” — in her opinion, the basic level of English is enough for comfortable communication at the resort.

“The territory is green, there is always shade, there are landscaped waterfalls, lianas and flowers, small artificial grottoes. In the evening, the shows are excellent, fiery, dancing — everything is professional, ”she added.